How To Tell If You're A Basic Bro

Because we're all about equality around here, we're more than happy to find out that attention is finally being paid to the fact that not only "bitches" can be "basic". The "basic bro" is a thing too, and College Humor has given us this perfect video summarizing exactly what it means for a bro to be afflicted with basicness. Thank goodness, because we were starting to get sick of the female-centric stereotype. Especially when there are so many dude-bros out there just begging to be described the same way. In College Humor's video, a doctor diagnoses a dude as a "full on basic bro" as his girlfriend sits next to him hanging her head in shame. And it's perfect and wonderful.

The doctor, with a dead pan expression and solemn tone befitting such a grave issue, begins listing the things that make him basic: "You refer to your friends as your boys, you love bacon so much you ruin it for everyone else, and your preferred topic of conversation is how much you drank last night". Other basic bro qualities include talking about high school, quoting Barney from How I Met You Mother and "ripping on vegetarians". My favorite however, is making "unoriginal 'make me a sammich' jokes to your significant other". There are infinitely more elements to basic bro-ness as well, so watch the video and see if you know someone who qualifies.

Image: Leon Fishman/Flickr