The 9 Most Outdated Things From 'Friends' That We Really, Really Miss

One of the few things that has been able to get me through the dreariness that is winter in the Northeast has been Friends on Netflix. Whenever the sub-zero windchill "forces" (okay, I just flat out refuse) to go outside, I can easily stay in with Joey, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross, and feel like the world isn't such a bad place. Having grown up with Friends on TV, rewatching the show feels like warm chicken noodle soup on a freezing day, or something to that effect — it's just so familiar. However, there are a few things that are a little annoying about the former reigning champion of Must See-TV. For starters, Ross' behavior towards Rachel is consistently terrible, and the friends are actually a lot more mean to each other than you remember.

However, I still love Friends, and probably always will. Considering it was mostly produced in the '90s, a lot about the show that feels totally outdated — especially the amount of mishaps that could have been avoided with the help of a smartphone, the guys' ill-fitting and oversized wardrobes... and honestly, I will never understand why the stylists did what they did to Monica year after year. In a way, though, it's sort of intriguing how the show is literally trapped in time, a real reminder of how life once was only two short decades ago.

So, as happy as I am that the era of Ross' haircut is behind us, there's plenty of outdated things I still miss. Take a look:

The Ease of Travel

Tom McCarty on YouTube

Meeting someone at the gate sure seems romantic (and convenient), doesn't it? Or how about that time Rachel booked a flight to London just about 30 minutes before take-off? HA. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to max out my checking account to book a transatlantic flight four months in advance of travel.

The Job Market

Wow, that whole being a twenty-something with a stable job sure seems nice. Don't have one? It's cool, you'll find one in no time! Don't work full time? MEH, you can still make ends meet. You can even be a Transponster.

*Sobs into student loan bill.*

The Rent

There's a reason Girls has made Bushwick a trendy place to live.

The Guest Stars

fraggleERfan on YouTube

Raise of hands who misses/needs more of Brad Pitt with spike-y blonde tips, Noah Wyle, Winona Ryder, Freddie Prinze Jr., Greg Kinnear, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Isabella Rossellini? Okay so that's everyone.

Pottery Barn

Boomer DeLonge on YouTube

Again, this has to do with the affordable rents and job markets, but I do remember the days when Pottery Barn filled every cozy decor need. Nowadays, though...LOL $45 for a throw pillow.

The Bowls of Coffee

UGH. Everyone with their trendy pour-over coffees and foam art. Friends gave us the glory that was a pot of coffee served to you in a pastel "cup" the size of a sink. It was perfect.

Staying In When You Live in a Big City

Stylica Recliners on YouTube

Did the Friends cast ever stray from their apartments or Central Perk? Not often, and when they did, it usually ended in disaster and reminded them to go back where things are safe and you could see Ugly Naked Guy from the comfort of your own living room. Not that I don't stay in when I's just unfortunately frowned-upon when you live in a city. Especially in the age of hyper-connectivity. Speaking of which...

The Lack of Technology

Sophie Weiner on YouTube

Sure, it's fun to giggle at the beepers and answering machines....but there's definitely a part of me that misses that period of time when we actually had to try to get a hold of each other. It's probably also the reason why these six people spent so much time in one place. They couldn't just sit on their respective couches on a group text pretending like it's the same thing as hanging out. I also miss a time when I didn't have to worry about being tagged in a location without my permission. (Also, Joey can't put a Kindle in the freezer like he did with his copy of The Shining.)

No Online Dating

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Take me back. Please.

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