Jimmy Fallon Recreates 'The Fresh Prince' Opening

If you're having a bad morning, it's about to get flipped, turned upside-down. Jimmy Fallon recreated the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air opening credits in honor of The Tonight Show's week of filming in Los Angeles, and he didn't stop at just rewriting the lyrics. He basically did the credits scene for scene, but added two important elements: Alfonso Ribeiro doing The Carlton with him and DJ Jazzy Jeff driving the cab from NYC to LA. Sadly, Will Smith did not make an appearance, but considering Fallon is supposed to be Smith in this alternate universe, it makes sense.

Fallon's rapping was mostly interesting rhyming — like "chillin' out hosting the show with my crew, I mean Quest and Tariq and the rest of The Roots" and "I looked at the city and said, 'Today is the day we bring The Tonight Show from New York to LA" — but it was still great. And of course, Higgins dressed up in motherly drag to play Fallon's nagging mom who sends him out of dangerous, cold NYC. Unfortunately, Fallon did not wear his neon-striped green shirt and electric blue shorts while hosting on Monday night, but there's still a chance for him to bring back that look later this week. Check out the hilarious video below.

Image: NBC