Lenny Kravitz's Super Bowl Shirt Was 14-Karat Gold, In Case You Didn't Already Feel Like Your Wardrobe Was Too Casual

Lenny Kravitz has pretty much owned the title of "badass" for a while now. This is partially due to him being a rock star with cool clothes, but I'm almost sure the other part is that we're all just a little confused by him. But hey, it works in his favor, right? And in case you haven't see The Hunger Games yet (if not—what have you been doing?), Kravitz isn't just a talented musician. He's an actor, too. Like I said: Bad. Ass. So, yes, it made sense when he joined Katy Perry on stage at the Super Bowl. And I don't know about you guys, but I was actually more curious to see Kravitz's on-stage outfit than I was Perry's. Naturally, he went all-out for his performance wardrobe. Yes, Lenny Kravitz wore a shirt made of 14-karat gold to the Super Bowl. Feeling inferior yet? Yeah, me too.

I feel like you know you've hit the big-time when your name is Lenny, yet you can still wear a 14-karat gold tank top on stage and totally kill it. But I digress. The shirt was designed by Natalia Fedner, who has created looks for other stars like Jennifer Lopez, for whom she designed a metal mini dress. Fedner worked personally with Kravitz to come up with the perfect piece for his big Super Bowl performance.

"Lenny had a very strong voice in what he wanted from the piece—from the shape to the length to the neckline. You may have noticed, he is a very fashionable guy," Fedner told Elle.

Oh, we've noticed, Natalia. Let's just go back to this moment, shall we?

The man likes a statement piece, can you tell?