You Can Be Pretty Woman For A Day... For A Price

Valentine's Day is coming up, but you and your S.O. have no plans, money in the bank, and a mutual love for nineties movies….what do you do? Well, you spend $100,000 to reenact reenact Pretty Woman for a day, of course!

In an effort to attract buzz and guests, the Four Season’s Beverly Wilshire is offering a “Pretty Woman for a Day” package, inspired by the movie. However, the film, shot at the hotel, might not be the best premise for a romantic getaway — you know, with the prostitution and sexual assault and all. But that’s certainly not stopping the hotel from trying to profit off of the classic’s 25th anniversary.

The Pretty Woman weekend getaway comes in three levels. The lowest level, for the peasants, only costs $15,000, and includes a night in the Deluxe Beverly Suite, a personal shopper for two hours on Rodeo Drive, a romantic picnic with a limo escort, a dining etiquette lesson, dinner on a terrace, couple’s massages, and a photo shoot. The Premier package is priced at $22,500, and includes all of the above plus an upgraded suite, a longer picnic with a musical serenade, a longer massage and $1,000 shopping allowance per person. The fanciest package, dubbed the “Ultimate package,” will set you back $100,000, and you will get to stay in the suite from the movie, attend the opera, have an even longer picnic and massage, get a manicure and receive a $2,000 per person shopping allowance. The Beverly Wilshire also promises “throughout your stay, we’ll inspire you with stills from the movie,” which might mean that some poor attendant will have to follow your every move, holding up and flipping though a photo album with pictures from the film. And if that’s not romantic, I don’t know what is.

Now, I’m no expert, nor am I great with math, but none of those packages seem worth their price tag. The Beverly Wilshire is going to charge $100,000 and then give their guests a clothing “allowance”? If you can spend $100,000 on a weekend vacation, I suspect that you don’t need to budget nor do you need financial assistance from the hotel. Also, if the Beverly Wilshire really wanted to make this an authentic Pretty Woman experience, they should replace the couple’s massage with couple’s therapy. Hate to break it to you kids, but something tells me that Vivian and Edward have a lot of issues to work out, as does anyone who buys these packages, which sound like an epic waste of money.

Images: Touchstone Pictures