Dina & Lindsay Lohan Sue Fox News & It Sounds Like The Next Lifetime Movie

This is one mother/daughter duo that's not backing down. According to the New York Daily News, Dina and Lindsay Lohan are suing Fox News, TV host Sean Hannity, and commentator Michelle Fields for defamation. On Feb. 4, 2014 (two days after Philip Seymour Hoffman died) while appearing on Hannity's show during a segment titled "Early Train Wrecks and Tragedy About to Happen," Fields said that Dina "is doing cocaine" with her daughter. Well, Lindsay and Dina did not take kindly to that comment.

Reportedly, papers were filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court, and read that Fields,

...falsely, inappropriately and shockingly stated, unequivocally and as a "matter of fact" that "Lindsay Lohan's mother is doing cocaine with her." ...Fields made the false, defamatory, heartless, derogatory comment in the context of the show's topic... [It] was a direct smear on the character/reputation of [the Lohans] ... [and it] was a totally irresponsible and malicious innuendo ... [that] Lindsay Lohan might become the next celebrity to join the obituary list.

Lohan's lawyers, David Hernandez and Mark Heller, also said Fox added "insult to injury by posting the segment on its website." The suit also says Fox promised to take down the video, but never did. Now, Lindsay and Dina want the segment removed from Hannity's website indefinitely. They are also seeking unspecified punitive damages.

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Apparently, the cocaine comment was said 18 months after Michael Lohan, Lindsay's father, released a tape of his daughter telling him that her mom was doing drugs. Soon after, Dina denied such allegations. Later on, Lindsay said she lied about Dina doing coke.

A Fox spokeswoman said,

We will defend this case to the fullest. The remark about which Lindsay and Dina Lohan complain was made on live television by a guest nearly a year ago. We removed the segment from our archives altogether last February and also apologized on-air.

So, when will the Lifetime movie air, because I'm still waiting for the network to do one about the former teen star?

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