Inexpensive Lingerie Under $50 That Looks Fancy Enough For Celebrating On Valentine's Day

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Though the weather outside is frightful, there is at least one spot of sunshine to look forward to on the horizon, and it is the oh-so-divisive Valentine's Day. While I utilize the holiday to stockpile conversation hearts and sport my favorite little red dress, Americans tend to focus their energy elsewhere, namely the garments that lie beneath that little red dress. Whether you planning to share your undergarments with an audience or not is irrelevant; every woman deserves a pristine set to add spring to her step on Valentine's Day. For those who wish to indulge in a new set of skivvies without denting their saving account, here are 13 under-$50 Valentine's Day lingerie finds for every athlete, femme fatale, flirt, and traditionalist.

Image: maksimshirkov/Fotolia

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