'Shark Tank's BedJet Will Change The Way You Sleep

When I first moved to New York City, the greatest cause of my physical turmoil was trying to find the perfect temperature for my sleeping situation. I moved to the city from Miami in a September, so sure, everything was fine, dandy, and mild. Fast forward to February and my self-made Snuggie, three layers of socks, and gloves offered little warmth. And then, fast forward to summer and because I was a struggling writer, buying a portable AC was out of the question, and my bed turned into a humid inferno. I wince thinking about those days and I know this struggle isn't only confined to city dwellers but people with wonky internal temperatures and apparently, over 50 percent of couples. That is where the genius of the BedJet comes in on Shark Tank's Feb. 3 episode.

Contrary to what its name may suggest, BedJet isn't a motor that will send you flying hoverboard-style over the city. What BedJet does is transform your bed into a "luxurious temperature controlled sleeping environment" and is the only technology that will allow your mattress to react to a temperature change — on demand through a control or smart phone app! What I'm saying here is that if your new boyfriend always steals the covers and leaves you, literally, in the cold, you can simply control your side and warm yourself right up. If you're someone who needs to sleep in Amazon-like temperatures (Florida girl here!) and your friend or lover prefers something a little brisker, they can turn on their cooling blanket. Voila! Perfect sleep for everyone!

The BedJet was invented by Mark Aramli, a NASA engineer who used to work on spacesuits and developing their climate control within different environments. He took this same technology and transferred it from spacesuits to our bedding and I venture to say this man might be a personal hero. Plus, it sounds really cool to say you are sleeping on sheets made with NASA technology. So, how do you buy BedJet? The BedJet is now in production and available to order on their official website, with the Climate Control System selling for $499.

Based on the major success of BedJet's Kickstarter campaign last year, it's obvious that there is a high interest and I think that the Sharks will be all over it. One universal need for people is the quest for the perfect place to lay your head and I think BedJet has got the goods to deliver.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC; Giphy