Will Nicki Minaj Be At The 2015 Grammys? It Wouldn't Be A Show Without Her

Any opportunity to see Nicki Minaj at a red carpet event (or at all) is a welcome in my eyes. Even as made-under Nicki 2.0, she is always supremely entertaining and boss-like. On that note, will Nicki Minaj be at the Grammys on Sunday? She is my queen, and without her, music's biggest night wouldn't be the same.

My first guess would be, OF COURSE she'll be there!!! Would this event even matter without her?! Seriously, they might as well send everyone home if the Barbz doesn't show up... My personal feelings aside, we should examine this matter a bit more scientifically. Is Nicki performing? Is she nominated? Does she have any previous engagements keeping her from attending the ceremony?

Unfortunately, it looks like she isn't performing. NOOOOO!!!! While Madonna, Sam Smith, Rihanna, Kanye, Paul McCartney, and some other folks will take the stage at Sunday's show, Minaj is sadly not one of the peeps. Ariana Grande, however, will be part of the show, so perhaps we can hope for a Minaj walk-on during "Bang Bang?" While a Minaj appearance isn’t totally out of the question, it's not something we can bank on. Looking at her nominations may provide some better clues, so let’s take a gander at her nod tally...

Even if the release of her triumphant return album The Pinkprint missed the nomination cutoff, Minaj still snuck in some nominations this year. First of all, "Anaconda" is nominated for Best Rap Song. Also, "Bang Bang", featuring Minaj, Jessie J, and Ariana Grande is up for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. Judging from this, we can guess that she'll probably be there if there's a potential for winning something.

To the best of our abilities, let's see if she has any scheduling conflicts that would prevent her from being in LA on Sunday. Ya know, like being on a world tour or something. Luckily, The Pinkprint tour doesn't begin until March 16, so unless she has a very important family function to attend this weekend, I would guess that she has nothing keeping her from the ceremony.

We won't know definitively if Minaj will be there until we tune in to the red carpet on Sunday, so I can't make a final judgment call. I can, however, make an educated guess that she WILL be at the show on Sunday, MYX Moscato in tow.

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