6 Outfits Perfect For Valentine's Day Grinches

No matter what your friends, coworkers, or therapist may insist, there is no shame in boycotting Valentine's Day. Whether your reasons stem from a painful breakup or the pressure to purchase pink greeting cards and stuffed toys, they are assuredly logical. However, abstaining from Valentine's Day and directly contesting the holiday's values with your actions are two very different approaches to February 14, and the latter is the path of more resistance.

Instead of decrying Valentine's Day to everyone you meet this year, try the ultimate non-verbal protest: selecting an anti-Valentine's Day ensemble to make your point. In addition to conserving your energy for enjoying a non-commercial glass of vino with your significant other or best friend, taking the sartorial demonstration route is also infinitely more creative. Leave rummaging through your closet for crimson and fuchsia clothing to the holiday's target audience, and instead sport an ensemble that makes you feel powerful, attractive, and just a soupçon rebellious. On an occasion meant to celebrate love, demonstrate the depth of your addiction to the perfect pair of stilettos or flawlessly worn-in boyfriend jeans. Read on for six anti-Valentine's Day ensembles to love and cherish — at least until next February 14.

1. Boyfriend Jeans And An Ultra-Feminine Top

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Of the many rules which apply to finding the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, one takes precedence: boyfriend jeans do not need to be "borrowed" from your boyfriend's closet. Current/Elliott takes the cake for originating the trend in a range of washes and cuts, while J. Brand's Boy-Fit style provides a harmony of flattering fit and slimming washes and Frame's Le Garcon simply sounds luxurious in addition to providing the relaxed fit and distressed look of your dreams. Increase the intrigue of your look by contrasting your denim with an ultra-feminine floral top like Ashley Madekwe's.

2. Over-The-Knee Boots And A Jewel-Toned Shift Dress

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Protesting any convention or idea is a matter of confidence and contrariness, both concepts which over-the-knee boots possess in spades. Sporting such a controversial style demonstrates to the world that you're both poised, unafraid of others' opinions, and most significantly, capable of walking over anyone who contradicts you in razor-sharp stiletto heels.

3. Menswear-Inspired Suiting

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Some Valentine's Day detractors balk at the holiday's embrace of stereotypical gender roles; however archaic it may seem, it is still much rarer to spot a gentleman with flowers from his doting girlfriend than than the reverse. Tout your concerns in style by sporting a menswear-inspired suit of trousers, a plush pullover, and either brogues or Converse All Stars.

4. Slouchy Sweater And Leather Skirt

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Who needs a boyfriend to bestow upon them the perfect slouchy sweater? Demonstrate your supreme self-sufficiency by purchasing a fisherman's sweater of your very own one size too large. Pair your topper with a luxe leather midi skirt to give the look extra insouciance; after all, what significant other could possibly appreciate a perfectly fitted leather skirt more than you?

5. Sultry Tuxedo


If anyone understands how to pave their own way regardless of the public's expectations, it is the venerable Jennifer Aniston. Few mere mortals could take constant criticism and scrutiny, and transform them into an opportunity to demonstrate grace under fire, but Aniston does so in ensembles outstanding enough to stun commentators into silence. Take a cue from the reigning queen of poise herself in a sultry tuxedo on Valentine's Day. The look states, "Who needs a significant other to have a good time?"

6. Basics With Eccentric Extras

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Any good fashionista knows that the most truly striking and exceptional ensembles are those which appear nonsensical to everyone but you. On a holiday when many will sport heart-shaped studs and carry crimson clutches, carry a watermelon purse instead. Objectively, sporting accessories covered in heart and flower motifs is quirky in its own way, so create a new trend by pairing a basic ensemble with your own array of eccentric accessories, whether they be an owl necklace or a clutch embroidered with an evil eye pattern.

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