Charlie Hunnam Replaces Benedict Cumberbatch In 'The Lost City of Z' & Hey, It's Not Terrible News

Sorry, Cumberbatch fans, but your man was just replaced in his upcoming film. Fear not though, because Charlie Hunnam is replacing Cumberbatch in The Lost City of Z , a movie inspired and adapted by the title of the same name written by David Grann in 2009. While the news is upsetting that Cumberbatch won't star in the film as British explorer Percy Fawcett, we do have Hunnam to look forward to for an entire movie, and that's not a damn bad consolation prize. The Lost City of Z also stars Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller.

The movie, produced by Brad Pitt and more, follows the true story of Col. Percy Fawcett and his search for The Lost City of Z, in the Amazon in1925. The entire existence of Z is unknown, and the whereabouts or evidence of what happened to Fawcett during his exploration is still a mystery that author Grann hoped to uncover during his own exploration.

Hunnam is fresh off his six year stint as Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy. He has a ton of movies ahead of him, including Crimson Peak with Jessica Chastain, Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur as King Arthur, and The Mountain Between Us starring opposite Rosamund Pike. I'd also just like to add that it's nice to see Hunnam replacing someone — ahem — versus it being the other way around.

Cumberbatch is reportedly not starring in the film because he is set to lead the Marvel film Doctor Strange based off the comic Doctor Strange, where he is set to star guessed it, Doctor Strange.