8 Reasons To Wear Your Prom Dress As An Adult

by Hayli Goode

Whether your high school prom is a happy memory or not-so-happy memory, we can all agree that it's plain fun to dress up like a beautiful princess for one day of the whole year. Shopping for those long, elegant and colorful dresses with your friends, getting your hair, nails and makeup done — it was so easy to feel like a pretty, pretty princess for just a day. Until you graduate from high school, and you need to find other reasons to wear your prom dress.

If you were fortunate, you had the opportunity to go to more than two proms. But no matter how many (for me? Five. Not even ashamed) more than two is still not enough. And now, those beautiful and expensive dresses are sitting in the back of your closet, probably begging to come out.

Prom season is coming up, so why not dust them off for nostalgia's sake? Sure, we're all probably too old to actually attend our high school prom again (I'm not trying to get anyone arrested here), but I can think of so many reasons to put on those dresses and act like a pretty, pretty princess again.

1. Apartment Dance Parties Are Exponentially Better In Prom Dresses

It's true. Try it.

2. It's The Best Reason To Gather Best Friends Together Again

It's typical to fall away from your high school besties after you graduate. No longer are you just a desk or class period away. Pitch the grown-up prom idea to your high school friends and I can almost guarantee they'll do anything to re-live their prom nights.

3. Because You Deserve To Wear A Nice Dress Every Once In Awhile

Getting into the routine of going from work clothes to sweatpants (immediately after walking in the door) is not a bad thing at all. But we all deserve to look at ourselves in the mirror wearing that amazing, long dress that made us once feel like the prettiest girl in the room. Because, friend, I bet you still are the prettiest girl in the room!

4. Think Of It As A Do-Over

So your high school prom experience wasn't the best? Here's your chance to kind of redo it, but but with literally no risk whatsoever. You're welcome.

5. For The Pictures

Good news! Your awkward years are behind you and you can retake all of those prom pictures you can't even bear to look through anymore.

6. To Bring Back That Butterfly Feeling

Ugh. I remember from the end of Christmas Break through Spring Break, all anyone could talk about was who they were going to go take to prom. And then the big night came and it was the night you might finally get a boyfriend or girlfriend or like at least a first kiss or something. So many exciting butterflies that throwing your prom dress back on is bound to recreate.

7. Because There's Less Drama Now

Let's be honest: We're just all-around better people than we were in high school.

8. Literally, Just Because it Sounds Fun. OK?

It's prom season, ladies! And, yes, we're "past that" time in our lives, but don't you want to feel those butterflies again, wear those dresses that made you feel awesome, have an excuse to get your nails and hair done and to finally kiss someone who you actually like at the end of the night? Just because we're older now doesn't mean we don't need to have a night of dancing in fancy dresses with our friends. In fact, I think we need it more.

Images: Jill Armstrong/Flickr; Giphy (8)