Who Is Sarah Hyland's New Guy Dominic Sherwood?

by Marenah Dobin

It's a fact of life, at this point: There's no such thing as privacy in Hollywood. Pretty much anything young stars do gets seen, photographed and reported on — case in point: Sarah Hyland was spotted making out Dominic Sherwood outside of Warwick Nightclub in Hollywood on Saturday, January 31, and now, US Weekly has officially confirmed that the kissing twosome are a bona fide couple. How adorable!

Now that it's officially official, though, people obviously want to know more about the situation. We know that the two starred in the movie Vampire Academy last year, but that's pretty much it — so, obviously, we need way more information about this lucky guy who's sweeping the sweet and adorable Sarah Hyland off her feet. Who is Dominic Sherwood?

He's British

For starters, Dominic Sherwood is 24 years old, and hails from Kent, South East England. He studied Drama and Theater Studies in college, and also studied abroad in Kenya for six months. Additionally, he appeared in many plays before he graduated and signed to a professional acting agency.

He is Not into Social Media

Unlike most young adults, Sherwood is not super into social media. (However, he does have a Twitter and Instagram account.) When he was asked if he ever reads the Vampire Academy fan sites, Sherwood responded by saying:

"I look at them! I look at them very briefly, they come up on my Twitter feed and stuff. But I'm so bad at all social media, I know that I'm gonna get drunk one day and say something really stupid or tweet a photo that's completely ridiculous so, I just try and steer so clear of it. I try and just stay away from it if I can, save myself from myself."

I would say that's a smart move, when most of us active social media users are guilty of drunk-tweeting. Not the best thing to do when you're in the public eye.

He's an Actor

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We all know that Sherwood met Hyland when they starred in the movie Vampire Academy together, but he has been a part of other projects as well. Sherwood stared in the UK TV series The Cut from 2009 to 2010, and the movie Not Fade Away. Sherwood also has two other films in the works right now. He has the movie Take Down co-starring Jeremy Sumpter and Ed Westwick coming out this year, and is currently filming the thriller The Other .

He's a Fan of Greek Mythology

Sherwood has a tattoo of Greek god Hermes on his foot. Sherwood has said that he would love to play a Greek god in a film project: "I'm very into Greek mythology and always have been. So, anything to do with the Gods or the Demi-Gods or Hercules or Perseus, all of that sort of stuff, Achilles! I've always been really really interested in that sort of stuff. So, yeah if I could do anything it would be something based on that."

Hello, casting directors. Can someone make that happen?

He Sings

Dominic Sherwood is a very talented musician and singer: He plays guitar, piano, and sings. He appeared in three music videos in 2013. Also, he collaborated with Alex Duaoude to cover Jason Mraz's "Plane" and another Mraz track called "Song for a Friend, and he's posted other videos covering other songs with his friends.

He Has Some Celebrity Crushes— Not Sarah Hyland!


In previous interviews, Sherwood has talked about his celebrity crushes on singers Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. When asked if he had a crush on Swift, the actor answered, "How could you not?! I’ve met Taylor once, with Sarah Hyland, and there’s just nothing not to like about her. " Considering Swift and Hyland are good friends, this sounds a little awkward.

All in all, though, Sherwood seems like an interesting guy. He and Hyland have known each other for a while and were friends before they got together romantically, so this relationship doesn't seem like it's a hurried thing. Hopefully, it lasts and the two of them are happy — the pressure is on for Valentine's Day now!

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