Karlie Kloss Snags Spring Campaign For Joe Fresh

It'a amazing that between being one of the world's most famous supermodels, owning a cookie company, and being best friends with Taylor Swift that Karlie Kloss has anymore free time at this point. Oh, and she's working out all the time and posting about it on Instagram. Add that in there. But no matter how busy Kloss is, she always seems to find time for just one more project. That would explain why you've been seeing her face everywhere, by the way. Her newest gig? Kloss is front and center in Joe Fresh's spring 2015 campaign.

Some of the photos from the campaign feature Kloss and a bearded model casually laying down next to each other in full top-to-bottom denim — you know, Canadian tuxedo style. That type of thing, but a more chic version. Other images spotlight Kloss sporting head-to-toe khaki, which is... well, interesting. It sort of says, "Why, hello, I am here to take you on a fashion safari," while also saying, "I deliver packages for a living and had my uniform tailored to my body." Like I said —interesting. But you'll have to see for yourself to judge. In any case, Kloss looks stunning. No surprises there.

According to a press release, Kloss said that the Joe Fresh pieces are perfect for her own wardrobe. She values simplicity when it comes to style, and said that when you feel good about what you're wearing, it "makes all the difference." So, yes, she might look just a little like a very stylish UPS employee in the ad above, but at least she feels good about it, right? That's all that matters in the end.