Kim Richards Finally Reveals What Actually Happened During the 'RHOBH' Poker Night

It was one of the biggest mysteries of Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , maybe even of the series overall. What was up with Kim Richards on the night of Eileen Davidson's poker night? Her bizarre behavior toward Lisa Rinna on the way to Eileen's house along with her aggressive manner during the poker game had many of the Housewives questioning Kim's sobriety that night.

Kim admitted to Kyle during a sister trip to the bathroom that night that she had actually taken some pain medication that her ex-husband Monty had given her before the party. Kim, Kyle, and Brandi Glanville then got into an explosive fight, and the whole strange situation got even stranger when Kim was admitted to the hospital right after the festivities.

So much happened during these couple of episodes of RHOBH, I think we all came out of the drama knowing less than we did going into it. But thankfully, Kim got some treatment and was well rested enough to lay the truth on us during Tuesday night's episode of RHOBH.

The truth is Kim was in a ton of pain before she attended Eileen's poker party, so much so that she almost didn't go. I bet she regrets that decision to go through with it now. Anyway, she was in pain and Monty gave her some pain medication so that she would feel well enough to attend the shindig. The medication coupled with Kim's lasting pain made her act "cuckoo for cocoa puffs," as Lisa R. put it.

After the party, Kim was still in pain. And it was the real kind, not the emotional pain we all experienced after watching that fight between Kim, Kyle, and Brandi go down. She went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a hernia and a cracked and fractured rib. Kim didn't really dish on how she got that latter ailment.

During her five-day stint in the hospital, Kim was on anti-inflammatory steroids and three types of antibiotics. With all of that medication, Kim actually thought she was afflicted with something terminal. Well, we're all certainly glad it wasn't anything nearly as serious.

Bravo used an interesting storytelling device in this episode believe it or not. In order to get the full she-said, she-said effect, RHOBH showed Kim speaking to Brandi in the present and interspersed "flashbacks" of her speaking with Kyle earlier that day. Brandi actually acknowledged that everyone looked bad at Eileen's poker night, and you could have picked me up off the floor like that sad slice of pizza she dropped that night. But Kyle wasn't going to bend that much. She was still pretty peeved that Brandi got involved in her beef with Kim.

Man. Those two better not end up in a room together anytime soon, or there's going to be trou-ble.

Images: Nicole Weingart/Bravo; realitytvgifs, crushabledotcom/Tumblr