Brandi Crashes Kyle's Party on 'RHOBH' & it's Bad

Nobody likes it when an uninvited guest shows up to your party. It totally messes up your hors d'oeuvres count. It's a whole thing. But when it's someone you're in the middle of a major feud with, as Brandi Glanville is with Kyle Richards on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills , all hell will most definitely break loose.

And break loose it did on Tuesday night's episode of RHOBH. Kyle has been saying for the past few episodes that her sister Kim hasn't been making great decisions lately, and during this episode, she's kind of right. For some strange reason, Kim had the brilliant idea of bringing Brandi with her to Kyle's "Gay Mixer," even though the two are as far from making up as Yolanda Foster is at a fancy charity event in Italy when all of this drama is going down. You made the right choice, Yo.

However, Kyle is eerily cordial to Brandi as she enters the party. OK... maybe we can all get through this with all of our hair extensions in tact. Even Brandi thinks everything's going to be all right. But then the camera cuts to recurring RHOBH guest Faye Resnick, who seems to always bring a storm of awfulness with her, and you know something is about to go down.

And it does. Kyle apologizes to Brandi for getting a bit rough with her at Eileen Davidson's poker night, but that Brandi shouldn't have gotten in between the sisters and their history. Brandi had a great line that summed up everything that was about to happen next: "Anytime anyone says, 'I'm sorry, but...' run for fucking cover." Amen, sister.

Basically, Brandi, Kyle, and Kim went in for Round Two of the fight they had at Eileen's house. So nothing has been resolved, in case you were wondering. Brandi threatened to knock Kyle's teeth out if she came any closer to her, which Kyle seemed to believe. Kyle couldn't understand why Kim would let Brandi come between them and why she would bring Brandi to the party in the first place.

Seriously, that move doesn't make sense on any level. Unless of course you ask Brandi, who said she was invited way back when Kyle first discussed the idea of throwing a party for all of her friends and their gay friends so she could play matchmaker. With everything that Kyle hath wrought, she should clearly just leave that job for Patti Stanger.

Brandi had one last parting shot before she walked away from Kyle and Kim for good for the evening. When Kyle told Brandi she wasn't wanted there, Brandi said, "Excuse me, either are you. Ask your husband," clearly referring to rumors that Kyle's husband Mauricio Umansky cheated on her.

Well, it's not time to sick the hose on these ladies yet. Sorry, Eileen. A fight like this couldn't be contained at the tail-end of a RHOBH episode, puh-lease. The drama will pick up right where we left off at the start of next week's episode of RHOBH.

Until then, let's all pray that Lisa Rinna gets more airtime in the next episode. I miss her.

Images: Michael Larsen/Bravo; Giphy (2)