Mindy Get's Huge News on 'Mindy Project'

Whoa Nelly. It's been a wild ride for Mindy on The Mindy Project this season. She and Danny have become super serious, she got an awesome career opportunity at Stanford, which caused her to move to San Francisco, Danny bought them a house, but nothing compares to the huge shocker that happened at the ends of Tuesday's episode. After what was already an emotionally draining episode, with Peter quitting — and Adam Pally leaving The Mindy Project —, Mindy finds out she's pregnant. PREGNANT. Let's just all take a moment and say it together: Whoa. Nelly.

Let us spend a few seconds backtracking to how we got to this point. After being in San Francisco for three months, and kicking ass at her fellowship, Mindy and Rob — her mentor, if you will — consider opening up a world-class fertility clinic in San Francisco, and want to include Danny as a partner. Before she can even tell Danny of the news, he surprises her with a brownstone for the two of them. Side note: these two spend a lot of time and money on New York real-estate.

Mindy is clearly torn between leaving New York and starting this awesome clinic, and staying with Danny in the city and continuing her work at Shulman & Associates. But it is Peter — who, once again, left the show during this episode— who makes Mindy realize that what she might have wanted once in life (Danny, a home in Manhattan, 12 daughters), might not be what she wants anymore in life. So she decides to go through with it. Mindy is moving to San Francisco, but is Danny coming with her?

Once again, Peter to the rescue. Peter tells Danny that even though New York has been his home for his entire life, home is really where the person you love is — seriously, I can't with Peter in this episode. Don't leave! — which gets Danny thinking about the situation. He and Mindy leave the decision undecided for the moment, as Mindy travels back to San Fran to return to her new life there. It is then that she gets the call from Peter — her BFF, and OBGYN — that she is pregnant. I know I did this before, but... PREGNANT.

So what does this mean for Mindy and Danny? I don't know! Are they going to move somewhere together? San Fran? Harlem? Danny's Ma's house? Is Mindy going to tell Danny that she is pregnant? IS Mindy even pregnant? I can totally see this being a false positive, right? RIGHT?!

So many questions, I'll just be here pacing around until the next episode airs, watching Peter's emotional goodbye over and over again.

Images: Beth Dubber/FOX