Will Tatsu Go To Starling City With Oliver On 'Arrow'? Her Skills Deserve To Be Showcased

A huge thanks to Tatsu, because without her we might not have Oliver Queen right now. Thanks to her secluded spot somewhere in the mountains on Arrow , Oliver not only survived, but recovered enough to seemingly head back out into the real world ridden with bad guys. It doesn't look like the quiet snow-covered mountain life is for Oliver, and considering what we know about Tatsu, it seems like an odd location for her as well. When Oliver finally does leave her care, might Tatsu go with him to Starling City?

There's still the big looming question as to why Tatsu is even hidden away in the mountains in the first place. We're still missing a lot of details from what happened between the Hong Kong flashbacks and present day. There's still some unspoken "incident" that happened between Oliver, Tatsu, and Tatsu's husband, Maseo. And an even bigger question for this group: Where is Akio, Tatsu and Maseo's child? All that aside, Tatsu is a very skilled martial arts expert, as she's already clearly demonstrated. It feels weird that she'd hide away in the mountains, just waiting for mostly dead vigilantes to show up at her doorstep. It looks as if Oliver is posted to leave her care and start his long trek back to Starling City — and I think it'd be a good idea if Tatsu went with him.

In the comics, Tatsu — or, as she's also known by her alias, Katana — is also a skilled warrior, fighter, martial arts expert, and a pretty good vigilante to boot. She's one of the founding members of Batman's Outsiders group, and has saved Gotham City many times before. She was also a member of the Birds of Prey, even though she does not have a fun bird alias. This is why it's odd that Tatsu is simply holed up in a snowy forest.

From the promos released for Wednesday's episode, "Uprising," it looks as if Oliver is going at it alone, sans Tatsu. However, whether she's instructing him, or her voice is stuck inside his head, she's still there with him. She knows he's walking off to his death — again! — if he goes back to Starling City in his condition, to try and bring Brick down.

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It's easy for Tatsu to say these things, but is she going to do anything about them? I hope that she appears in Starling City to either stop Oliver from entering a dangerous situation, or save him when he inevitably ends up in one.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW