13 Tom Hiddleston Photo Shoots You Can't Miss

I was pretty excited to learn that Benedict Cumberbatch was on the cover of March's Vanity Fair. But, then I learned that there was an even better surprise (sorry, Benedict!) waiting inside: Tom Hiddleston has a picture in the Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue, and it's flawless. The actor took part in the themed spread titled "The British are Coming!" because he's working his way into everyone's hearts in America. (If he hasn't claimed them already.)

Hiddleston shares the picture with The Theory of Everything's Felicity Jones, and the two are speeding down a Beverly Hills road in a fancy 1954 Jaguar. Plus, there's a behind-the-scenes video of everyone in the shoot saying lines from classic films and Hiddleston and Jones are portraying Bonnie and Clyde. It's basically perfect.

I'm not surprised that Hiddleston was asked to appear in the spread. After all he's both a talented actor and a great model for photo shoots. Over the years he's appeared in everything from Glamour to Vogue and he looks great every time. (I'm totally not being biased, I swear.) Put him in the frame and he'll instantly command the viewer's attention.

So in celebration of his surprise Vanity Fair picture, here are 13 times Hiddleston was the best part of a magazine photo shoot:

When He Glammed Up for Vanity Fair

I have to start with his most recent picture, of course. He's so flawless. I recommend watching the video too.

When He Shared the Stage With Cara Delevingne

In May 2013, Hiddles landed his first Vogue spread, and starred alongside Delevingne in a luxurious shoot. Much love to Delevingne, but I can't stop looking at Tom.

When He Flaunted What He's Got

Hiddleston captured the camera's attention, and my heart, for Flaunt magazine in February 2013. Second place prize goes to his hands, which almost upstaged him in their own beauty.

When He and Benedict Posed Together

Way back in 2011, the two teamed up for this Vanity Fair photo shoot along with the rest of the War Horse cast. There's nothing quite as important as a magazine featuring both of them in the same picture. (And Benedict was blonde! And Tom was just a baby! There's so many amazing things happening here!)

When He Had All the Passion

This man doesn't quit, even if he's only sharing the stage with himself. That energy is infectious even from just looking at his SFX shoot from 2013.

When He Smoldered in Total Film

No wonder they put him on the Hot List in 2012. Look at that stunning gaze.

When He Was a Feminist

Fans can thank Elle magazine for putting this photo shoot together.

When He Was Featured in F*** Magazine

The perfect title of a publication starring Hiddles, I must say.

When GQ Dressed Him to the Nines

Petition for him to dress like this every day.

When Bathwater Came Into Play

This 2012 photo shoot for 1883 magazine killed me and made me fall in love all at once.

When He Slayed in a Bow Tie

Hiddleston looks so good in formal attire that Glamour UK, Harper's Bazaar UK, and Es Magazine featured him in this style of dress.

When He Made the Walls Look Good in USA Today

Hiddleston can make even a piece of wallpaper ten times more interesting.

When He Was "Faking Bad"

Es Magazine labeled Hiddleston "the world's nicest villain" and that couldn't be more accurate. Just look at that face, he would never hurt anyone. Unless you count breaking my heart. In which case he just did that 13 times in a row while I wrote this article.