What Will Kate Middleton Name Baby #2? If The Rumors Are True, Royal Fans Will Be Really Happy

I, like many others in this world, know that it's hard to wait for details on celebrity baby news. (Believe me, I survived the Timberbiel Baby Denial of Winter 2015.) So, the temptation to make news where there is none in somewhat understandable. I say this as a warning, because some news has just come out about the latest royal fetus and you need to be sure to take it with a grain of salt. Reportedly, Kate Middleton is having a baby girl and the baby's name has already been decided.Yeah, pop a couple more grains of salt in your mouth for this one.

According to OK! Magazine, "Palace insiders reveal that the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge are welcoming a baby girl." I'm sorry, but I find it hard to believe that palace staff would make such a risky move. They could lose their jobs! And, I assume, if you work for the British Royals, job security is pretty important to you. The only way I'll believe this news came from a "palace insider" is if it's from someone who was literally inside the palace on, like, a tour, and somehow overheard Kate on a conference call with Pippa about her latest sonogram appointment. Otherwise, I'll keep my mind open to Kate having all male triplets come April until I heard the words, "I'm having a girl," from Kate's own mouth.

And not only do we "know" that Kate's having a "girl," her "name" has also been "revealed." A palace insider explained, "Kate and William found out they were expecting a girl during the 21-week scan, and since then, everyone’s been asking what they plan to name her. [They] felt they needed to either go with something very traditional, like Elizabeth or Mary, or something that had a lot of meaning to them. So they’ve gone with the latter."


If you guessed that the latter, meaningful name is Diana, right you are! "Having a baby girl who carried her name will be a beautiful reminder of Diana every time [Prince William] looks at his daughter," explained the source who added that the Queen is onboard: "She told him that while she knows she had her issues with Diana in the past, she couldn’t deny that she was an amazing mother."

So, person who is reading this, you have a big decision to make. You can live your life believing that baby girl Diana is on her way with the Queen's royal approval of her name. Or! You can live life in a reasonable way like me, and expect triplet baby boys named George 2, Albus Severus, and Katilliam. Ball's in your court.

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