22 Anti-Valentine's Day Gifts For The Unlucky In Love, And Anyone Else Who Hates This Annoying, Made-Up Holiday

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Valentine's Day is upon us — and if your relationship status is eating a whole pizza by yourself, you probably feel pretty meh about celebrating romantic love right now (trust me, I get it). But never fear, because the purveyors of fine handmade goods over at Etsy have stocked their digital shelves with loads of gallows humor gifts to help you and your cynical heart celebrate anti-Valentine's Day, aka Singles Awareness Day, aka February 14, aka the actual Valentine's Day for lovers, aka WTF WHY AM I CRYING AGAIN?!

So you're unlucky in love right now — who's not at some point or another? Buy yourself some lighthearted schwag for your dark night of the soul, and just keep on keepin' on, princess. Next year this time, you're not going to even remember who you were crying about. Plus... I love you!

Image: GinnyPenny/Etsy

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