Moments All Lazy People Understand

A special treat for you this afternoon as you browse the Internet: BuzzFeed Yellow brings us an accurate animated short titled “Moments All Lazy People Understand.” Unclear about your status as a person who prefers to exert little to no physical energy? Allow me to direct you here to consult your behaviors and decide for yourself. As for those of us who are certain about our proclivity for couch life, all my lazy people stand up! (Or remain seated, that’s fine too.)

Are you a peculiar orange monster with purple pinstriped horns? Are you a living, breathing human being? Are you a cat? If you answered “yes” to one or more of the previous questions, then you have been lazy. (This point is not up for debate.) Your behaviors have or might include the following: lounging on a sofa while ingesting more pizza than is reasonably needed to sate your appetite; lying in bed on a Saturday morning while browsing Facebook and creeping on people with whom you haven’t actually engaged IRL in 2+ years; napping in the sun for hours on end (bonus points if you have four legs, fur, and no job).

Watch the video below as you indulged your indolence on the Internet.

Image: alswart/Fotolia