9 Types Of Marijuana Vaporizer For Every Kind Of Smoker

Seems like these next few years will be pivotal in the history of the marijuana legalization movement. With full recreational legalization approved by popular vote in Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado and Washington D.C. (though D.C.'s is being stifled by Congress), and a narrow majority of Americans supporting legalization, a lot more people are getting to toke in peace these days. But what if you don't like all the smoke? Well, if marijuana is legal in your state, you've got options — here are 9 types of marijuana vaporizers you could consider.

Image: Fotolia

by Chris Tognotti

1. Tabletop Vaporizers

While it’s easy to forget with everyone puffing on sci-fi looking vapor sticks these days, it all started with tabletop vaporizers. The box vaporizer was, for a while, practically the avatar of the casual young vape-stoner’s den. At this point, they’re good for people who keep their highs confined to their homes, and people who like design classics.

Image: VaporWarehouse

2. Oil-Based Vape Pens

Of course, nowadays it’s all about the vape pens. Running off batteries you can plug into a USB charger, they’re all an incredible step-up in technology (and discretion), but the different types serve different ends. With oil-based pens, you’re drawing from very high-THC concentrate, so it’s a good pick it you’ve used marijuana regularly enough to have a familiarity and tolerance.

Image: LegalBuds

3. Wax-Based Vape Pens

If oil’s not your game, you can also try wax concentrates a try — similar to the oil, cannabis wax packs a very high THC percentage, so once again, it’s a good choice for somebody who knows their limits, and wants something that packs a punch, but maybe doesn’t want to risk fussing with liquid oil.

Image: High Times

4. Plant-Based Vape Pens

This, truth be told, might be the perfect choice if you’re old-school enough to crave the feeling of grinding up marijuana leaves, but also forward-thinking enough to want to ease up on the smoke. Some vape pens, generally advertised as “flower” based, allow you put marijuana directly inside, pulling the THC straight from it.

Image: Vaporite

5.Volcano-Style Vaporizers

Make no mistake, the one most aficionados will instantly recognize is the Volcano brand, pictured above, a high-priced, high-performance mammoth of the industry. But there are a variety of machines that fill the same purpose — desktop-sized vaporizers that pack an enormous punch.

Image: Volcano

Customized, Artistic Vape Pens

I don’t know why this surprised me, because I should’ve known all along, but the internet is chock-full of places to get vape pens with a distinctive, unique or downright artistic look. Even a brief browse through Etsy’s catalog of handmade vape pens is a real treat.

Image: PuffPuffBling/Etsy

7. Gas-Powered Vaporizers

NO. DO NOT DO THIS. There’s simply no sensible reason in this day and age to buy a vaporizer that requires you to fill it with butane gas. None whatsoever. Don’t be the chump who’s got to pour gas into your vape. It’s 2015, for God’s sake.

Image: directdealsource/eBay

8. Stealth Vaporizers

Is discretion of the utmost importance for you? It doesn’t matter whether you just like to keep to proclivities to yourself, or whether you’re feeling stingy — nothing beats a portable vaporizer that looks like, well, something else.

Image: Discreet Vape

9. Ostentatiously Fancy, Expensive Vaporizers

I already mentioned the Volcano, which is a pretty premium-priced vaporitzer. But what if you went all the way and sprung for that deluxe, hyper-expensive home vaporizer of your dreams? There’s a good chance it look something like what’s pictured about — The Herbalizer, an elite $700+ unit that boasts a crisp, high-tech interface, a specific aromatherapy mode, and of course, huge hitz.

Image: Herbalizer