Emile Hirsch is Having a Baby With an Ex-Girlfriend

Been a while since you thought about Emile Hirsch? Us, too! Well is appears the Into the Wild star has been spending at least part of the time since we last saw him impregnating women (well, just the one that we know of), because Emile Hirsch is apparently gonna be a dad.

Hirsch, who is 28, is expecting a baby with a non-famous woman from Florida whom he apparently had a fling with. They're not together romantically, but the woman is five and a half months pregnant and Hirsch has made it known that he does intend to be a part of the baby's life.

Hirsch tweeted about having a "baby announcement" to make yesterday, joking "I am in fact @RonanFarrow's biological father." Other than that, the star's camp has stayed relatively quiet, with multiple unnamed sources being the ones who talked to The Daily News and Us Weekly.

"He's trying to be a good guy in the situation," one source told Us. "He still has love for the girl -- it's just his schedule and life did not fit in with having a relationship."

Yes, Emile Hirsch, congratulations on not abandoning anyone!