Milo Ventimiglia Joins 'Gotham' As The Ogre, But It's Not The One You Know From The 'Batman' Comics

Gotham is introducing a new villain, which is great, because a major criticism with Gotham is that it doesn't have enough characters. (Okay, okay — that was sarcasm.) But that doesn't mean I'm not genuinely interested in this new kid on the block, mainly because it's played by one of my very favorite actors from Gilmore Girls, Milo Ventimiglia. Ventimiglia's character seems almost as intriguing as Jess, though for vastly different reasons: According to Deadline, Milo Ventimiglia has just been cast on Gotham as "the Ogre." But, while you comic book fans may think you know exactly who the Ogre is, think again: According to the press release, this is an original character that has nothing to do with the Ogre found in the DC Comics universe.

So who is this Ogre we're going to meet on Gotham ? His name is really Jason Lennon, and much like Bruce Wayne will grow to be, he's a wealthy playboy — except you really, really don't want to mess with this guy. According to the report, the Ogre is a serial killer preying on the young women of Gotham who has a truly terrible dating strategy. According to Deadline, the Ogre lures women into a trap and "tests" them in order to find his "perfect mate." When the ladies fail to meet his expectations, he gives them the boot... by killing them. Really makes your last Tinder date look like The Notebook, doesn't it?

It's not unusual for Gotham to create a brand-new character for the series — after all, main villainess Fish Mooney is entirely the creation of the Fox show — but it is a little different for them to choose a name associated with an actual DC Comics character.

After all, the DC Ogre is an entirely different character — in the comics, he's a genetically-altered man who bears a strong similarity to Frankenstein's monster. In Batman #535, the Ogre murders the scientists who created him for a government experiment and left him to die, so I guess the characters aren't wholly different — both are super into murdering people, after all.

That being said, I'm optimistic about this character, even if he sounds like he'd fit in better on Criminal Minds than on Gotham. Ultimately, I'm just thrilled to have Ventimiglia back on TV — because once Team Jess, always Team Jess.

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