Here's Why BCBG x Macy's Will Be Everything

Whenever I have to attend a wedding, I immediately hit BCBG Max Azria to shop for my outfit. The brand never fails me and BCBG dresses are always, always on point. So it makes sense that it's younger-skewed arm BCBGeneration is teaming with Macy's dress department. The BCBGeneration x Macy's collab will focus on the dress-loving millennial shoppers.

Here's the key intel. The partnership launches in March. It will offer 26 items, with prices ranging from $98 to $188, so it falls in line for a shopper with some expendable income that's not being used to pay gadget and mobile device bills. There will be options for many occasions, from day to cocktail to evening and the pieces, will be sold in 75 Macy's outposts.

Creative director Joyce Azria told WWD that she has chosen to focus on dresses "because I wear them everyday," and it always makes sense to do what you know and love. But she won't be strict about that rule. Palazzo revealed that pants and rompers will also be available. Regardless, feminine touches are non-negotiable. As Azria said, "Our Gen girl always wants to be romantic."

Know how else they can make millennials and sophisticated Gen girls can feel all romantic about this collab?

Well, here are three other simple things the brand and the store can do to make the partnership even more awesome than we already know it will be.

1. Guest Celeb Designers That Aren't Jenners

Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They could totally do one or two dresses with guest designers that aren't Kendall and Kylie Jenner. I love K and K, but enough! PacSun and Topshop have already recruited them. Let's try someone else. How about another set of sisters, like the Fannings?


Elle and Dakota are unsung style stars with romantic and whimsical sensibilities that fall in line with what this collaboration says it wants to do.

2. Host A Project Runway Episode/Contest


Why not have the Project Runway wannabes compete to design a BCBGeneration x Macy's dress? The challenges that have a retail tie-in tend to be the most exciting on the show, IMO.

3. Make It Feel Desitination-y

Kena Betancur/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I love how the JCPenney x I Heart Ronson and Olsenboye collaborations always feels like a little offshoot amid a sea of other collections, thanks to some of the surrounding fixtures. But it's very basic. This partnership can take that concept up a notch if they create a little enclosed space that feels almost like a shop or boutique within the store, complete with some artwork and fancy chairs, beyond a standard zzzz-inducing dressing room. How rad would that be?

This partnership will be amazing. But this is how it could top itself! I can't wait until March to see the rest of the offerings!

Images: BCBG (2); Getty (4)