Can Robert Pattinson Play The Piano?

by Jaclyn Anglis

There's a scene from the Twilight film saga where Robert Pattinson's character Edward Cullen plays the piano. In the movie Breaking Dawn, the character gets into his more musically inclined side while playing a lullaby. Because the scene was so touching, some fans might be wondering if Robert Pattinson can actually play piano in real life. They will be pleased to know that acting isn't the only talent Pattinson has in show business. He is just as musically inclined as his popular character.

Pattinson told MTV News back in 2011 that although he didn't sing a lullaby in the film as rumored, he did, in fact, play the piano. It wasn't his first time playing the piano either! Though piano isn't a huge part of his life anymore, he has had musical experience in the past, and it looks like his knowledge stuck with him for when he had to play on set for Twilight.

"I hadn't played piano in years, and I learnt it in about ten seconds," he said in the interview of the experience. What's interesting, is that the piano isn't the only instrument that Pattinson has taken a liking to. He also revealed that he plays guitar, and that he had also taken up the cello. Obviously, he is a man of many talents. Is there a chance that fans will get to see him perform live?

In that same interview with MTV News, Pattinson said that he was interested in playing gigs again with his guitar. For being a famously private star, he has been quite public about his love of music in general and how his passion was sprung at an early age, which has made him want to get back to his singer-songwriter roots. And since then, he has been spotted playing music with fellow actor Dermot Mulroney and there are clips of him playing some tunes online. So it isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility that he would take to stage again sometime soon.

But most recently, the British star was reported to have played guitar on the Death Grips song "Birds," in November 2014. Though the band has since split up and he will likely not play with those same artists again, it's a good sign that Pattinson is not ready to give up on his dreams of getting more involved with music. While he probably will not play piano à la Twilight in any big stage arenas, it's worth keeping your eyes peeled for him carrying his guitar at more low-key events. Hey, you never know!