'Sean Saves the World' Series Premiere: 12 Things It Could Do to Suck Less

If Sean Saves the World feels like a desperate attempt to recreate a long ago heyday, that's because it probably is. NBC is struggling to reclaim its viewership, particularly during their Thursday night comedy block (which used to be must-see. MUST-SEE). One such attempt this season comes courtesy of sitcom vet Sean Hayes, who, for his part, really seems to have put his heart in the pilot. Unfortunately, his heart is in 1998. Here are 12 ways the pilot could have sucked less.

1. Lose the laugh track or move to CBS.

2. Don't actually have the lead character explain the set-up of the series in dialogue with his costar. To paraphrase: "You are a teen whose mother abandoned you and it's now up to me, your openly gay father, to navigate the weird waters of parenting with you. It would be easier if I didn't have a crazy new boss at work!" *cue laugh track*

3. Give the sassy daughter more to do than being the sassy daughter.

4. Lose the bitchy, oversexed grandma with the presumed heart of gold. It's been done. Either come up with something original or pay Megan Mullally as much as it takes to get her on board.

5. Tell Megan Hilty to stop playing it like she's in a parody of a bad sitcom.

6. Consider revamping the concept to star Thomas Lennon, who just has a blast playing the over-the-top bad boss.

7. Give Sean a job that's believably high-stakes if he's going to have the crazy boss. Online retail just isn't doing it for me.

8. If you're going to go physical humor, go physical humor. The scene that the show seems to think is funniest (Sean attempting to climb out of a high window in the bathroom at work to escape his boss and have dinner with his daughter), doesn't really play.

9. Decide if the show is a workplace comedy or about the father-daughter relationship and then act accordingly.

10. If you're going to address the gay, biological father thing, really address it.

11. Give Hunter (Echo Kellum) something resembling a personality. He seems to have one in his first scene and then it's like he leaves it on a bus somewhere.

12. Did I mention the laugh track? That has to go.

What did you think of Sean Saves the World? What would you change to fix it?