15 Artists Made This British Children's Hospital An Absolute Wonderland — PHOTOS

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Hospitals don't exactly have a "party on" kind of reputation—especially children's hospitals. As a general rule, everything is starched white bright and smells of rubbing alcohol. Hospitals are the definition of sterile—which, sure, given health needs, etc., is understandably mandatory—but dang, that can make for one depressing environment. A lot of people have dreamed up and put into action various attempts to lighten up the typically bummer atmosphere: Some child patients get to bring along their furry friends to keep them company during surgery. Sometimes celebrities pull monstrously philanthropic moves and pay visits either as themselves or as their famed characters. However, The Royal London's Children's Hospital took a more lasting approach to making the facility a less stark place.

Vital Arts, a charity aiming to bring arts to the healthcare community, funded the whole project. It took a few years successfully organize the 15 artists' efforts to beautify the medical center. Artists didn't stop at just painting hand-stamp murals—pshh, nope. Mixed materials like vinyl, wood, ceramics, and textiles came into play to create a series of complex, gorgeous vibes. Now, a wonderland of forests, creatures both real and imagined, and abstract designs decorate the hospital. To say the push effectively livened up the joint is a gross understatement.

Images Courtesy Of: Jess Bonham

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