Hate Mornings? This Will Speak To You

by Parker Marie Molloy

If rising with the sun, taking a morning jog, and downing a hearty breakfast sounds like your own personal hell, you might be able to relate to Buzzfeed's "Daily Struggles of People Who Hate Mornings" video. From the morning meeting blues to a severe case of resting bitch face, some of us could benefit from an extra press of the "snooze" button (and one more... OK, seriously, just one last---).

Though more than half of Americans says they're at their personal best sometime between the hours of 5 a.m. and noon, the rest of us can only dream of a world in which we're able to keep the yawns and homicidal thoughts at bay without the aid of a caffeine IV. Some studies suggest that people who rise and shine are generally more optimistic, less stressed, and find themselves more successful than peers at school and work. Must be nice.

So what's a night owl to do if they want to break ranks from the rest of us glazed-eyed zombies and become one with the sun? Luckily, there are a few tricks to rewire your morning mind, including obvious tips like getting more sleep, setting a consistent wake time, eating breakfast, introducing exercize into the morning routine, and yes, retiring the snooze button.

But who really wants to do any of that when the bed is so much more comfortable?

Image: Buzzfeed