5 DIY V-Day Gift Ideas To Skip This Year

The first thing I did when I wanted to think of a creative gift idea for my boyfriend was head to Pinterest aka ~the land of ideas.~ I thought I was bound to run into a creative list of places to shop for him or some cute DIY ideas. And while I certainly found both, the latter option was much, much more prominent. The more I scrolled, the more ideas I came across that just made me cringe. One pin after another featured a food item with a pun-filled note attached to it. Yes, notes are fun, but isn't Valentine's Day supposed to be a little more romantic than a bottle of Mountain Dew and a Post-It note? Call me old fashioned, I guess.

After searching through some other sites, I eventually found some good options for my sweetheart, but I couldn't thinking about all the DIY ideas that I saw on Pinterest. Some poor girl/guy is going to hop on, see someone who stuck some candy boxes to a poster board and think, "Well that seems cute. I mean, it has a lot of re-pins." It goes without saying that Valentine's Day can be romantic, thoughtful, and sweet without spending a lot of money. A picnic in the park, anyone? A surprise day trip to a local beach? A hand-written love letter? It's true that the day is really about how much thought you put into it, if you choose to celebrate it at all. But if you want to avoid something that's over-the-top cheesy, then there are some things you have to look past on Pinterest. Granted, sometimes cheesy is cute, but other times it's just a train-wreck. It's a thin line, and people of Pinterest, you are not helping anyone figure out how not to cross the line, OK? Here are 5 DIY ideas on Pinterest you might want to avoid this Valentine's Day, in case you need some direction.

1. A Bouquet Of Chips / Junk Food

Is this what we've come to, guys? The point where we're giving each other hand-designed arrangements of Doritos for a romantic holiday? We can do better.

2. A Chocolate Box Full of Liquor

Nothing says, "l love you" like "let's get so drunk that we forget who we are," am I right? Also, if I am expecting chocolates and I open a box full of mini Fireballs, I will not be pleased. But that's just me.

3. A Bag Of Nuts + A Note That Says "I'm Nuts About You"

If you were so nuts about me, maybe you could have not bought be a bag of nuts for Valentine's Day.

4. Candy Bouquet

"This year for Valentine's Day, I'm giving you six to seven new cavities."

5. Messages Written On Fruit

Granted, it's great that we're moving in a healthier direction here—but if you're writing on the skin of apples and exactly is someone going to eat them...? Think it over.