Less is More For This Fashion Company

Retail stores have a quota to meet every day, and it adds pressure to everyone in the store to match that amount, if not surpass it. A new fashion brand, called Cuyana, takes just the opposite approach. The founders, Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, created the direct-to-consumer company to promote the idea that less is more when it comes to a woman's closet.

Cuyana means "love" in Quechua. Gallardo and Shah hope their company helps woman trim down their closets to only the long-lasting and timeless essentials they love — perfect for those who are obsessed with capsule wardrobes. Lori Keong from The Cut interviewed that the duo, who said they founded Cuyana to combat the "dissatisfaction that always sets in after buying cheap thrills at fast-fashion stores." The two searched for a solution to this extremely common problem and ultimately launched their business in 2013. Gallardo and Shah say they want to promote "less guilt and more about empowerment and intention" with well-edited wardrobes.

What first started with a $20,000 loan and handwoven panama hats made by craftsmen in Ecuador, Cuyana now sells upscale goods like alpaca caps, blouses, dresses and leather bags, and shares tutorials on how to create a lean closet. Scroll down to see some of the pieces you can shop at Cuyana.

Leather Bags

It's perfect for weekend trips to the beach or to your parents. Cuyana also offers leather travel bags, wallets and passport holders.


Cuyana has many gold jewelry pieces including necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Some pieces have been hammered by hand, which, according to the brand, is a traditional Balinese jewelry-making technique.


Capes have been as big as normcore this year (I blame Blake Lively). And there are so many different ways to wear this oversized, alpaca version sold at Cuyana. It's perfect for an essential-based closet.

Images: Cuyana