This IG Makes Shopping At Forever 21 SO Easy

Shopping at Forever21 can be an overwhelming experience. Thankfully, there's a new Instagram account called f21finds that tells you exactly what's worth buying at Forever21 so you don't have to spend (as many) hours in the store anymore. Before sifting through the junk at your local Forever21 in search of the perfect cardigan to go with that dress, or those shoes to go with that necklace, check out f21finds first.

Samantha Mollen, sister of actress Jenny Mollen, runs the account by sifting through the racks at Forever21 and posting photos of the items that may have otherwise gone overlooked amongst the hundreds of other hangers. The first post to the account was on January 5th and 26 pictures later, Mollen has amassed over nine thousand followers. She posts all the information about the item she models, including the name, when it's available, the product code and any additional notes she has for shoppers — making it so, so easy to find the exact pieces she's talking about.

The account is not linked to Forever21 in any way, which leaves me to wonder — why hasn't the company used this as a PR move before? It would be brilliant! Whatever, Mollen's un-affiliated opinion is probably way more genuine anyway, so let's not question and just be thankful. Take a look at some of the items f21finds has uncovered thus far.

Pretty-Darn-Close to Designer Shoes

Seriously so happy she's finding designer-looking shoes in the often questionable shoe section of Forever21. These are a necessity for summer.


In case you didn't know Forever21 has pretty great clutches, too.


Not only could this small necklace be overlooked, Mollen's is offering free styling tips.

Summer Dresses

Read the notes! She is on her way to becoming a professional shopper.


For all your school/office/on the go needs. Also a designer look-a-like.

Basic Tee's

The basics are possibly the most overlooked items at Forever21 because there are just so many. So happy Mullen's is finding my summer closet essentials for me.

Image: Getty; f21finds/Instagram