8 Reasons Being Single Is Actually The Best

As Valentine's Day approaches, anyone who's single is becoming exponentially more aware of their relationship status each day we tick closer to February 14th. However, as a new Buzzfeed video points out, there are lots of perks to being single. Because who needs Valentine's Day when you can just buy up al the candy for cheap once it goes on sale on February 15th?

Whether you're newly single or it's your longstanding lifestyle of choice, it can feel sometimes like everyone is in a relationship — and it gets especially annoying when they ask if you're seeing anyone right now. But things naturally get to be their worst in February, when all the extra Valentine's Day comments really start to get to you. Everyone either wants to feel sorry for you or assumes that you're the perfect sounding board for all their Valentine-related griping. After all, you're a bitter single person, so you'll relate, right?

The thing people don't realize, though is that being single is actually pretty awesome. You aren't accountable to anyone, you have way more time for all the other things you want to do with your life, and you have full reign to flirt with that cute barista at the coffee shop. Plus lots of other fringe benefits. Behold.