20 Heart-Shaped Presents To Give On Valentine's Day, Because There's No Cuter Way To Show Your Love

The heart is the most important organ you have, and appropriately enough, it's the ultimate symbol of love. Nothing says "I love you" like this peculiar little shape, which is why heart-shaped gifts are the way to go when doing your Valentine's Day shopping. If you don't have the words to say how you feel, these gifts will do the job for you. Whether you're picking out a gift for a crush, a girlfriend, or a long-time lover, there's something here for every kind of relationship.

CucinaPro Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

Any type of kitchen press is something to be envious of, especially if it makes heart-shaped waffles.

CucinaPro Heart Shaped Waffle Maker, $39.95, Crate&Barrel

You Are Loved Teacup

It’s a mug shaped like an actual heart. Oh, and it says “you are loved” on the side. Talk about swooning.

You Are Loved Teacup, $16, LennyMud/Etsy

Love On Top Heart Frame Sunglasses

Heart-shaped glasses aren’t just for Coachella time — they’re for all the time.

Love On Top Heart Frame Sunglasses, $18, Urban Outfitters

Large Yellow Heart Bobby Pins

Looking for something small and sweet? Look no further. These small bobby pins are absolutely adorable.

Large Yellow Heart Bobby Pins, $8.19, RetroCuties/Etsy

Heart Photo Holders

Not as cheesy as heart frames, but they can still hold pictures of the two of you. Awwww.

Heart Photo Holders, $5, Pier1

Heart-Shaped Ring Dish

These sweet ring dishes are the key to a girl’s heart… and she can keep her actual keys in them too.

Heart-Shaped Ring Dish, $20, ChrissyAnnCeramics/Etsy

Sarah Chloe Lily Heart Bangle Bracelet

This simple bangle bracelet is something she’ll never want to take off.

Sarah Chloe Lily Heart Bangle Bracelet, $129, Shopbop

Quart Heart Shaped Cocotte in Cherry

This pretty red cocotte dish is almost too nice to cook in. I said almost.

Quart Heart Shaped Cocotte in Cherry, $149.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

You Complete Me Jigsaw Puzzle

Because she completes you.

You Complete Me Jigsaw Puzzle, $16.95, Urban Outfitters

Heart Coasters

A home can never have too many coasters. These brightly knit babies are handmade and sure to stand out in the best way possible.

Heart Coasters, $9.31, Notforeat/Etsy

Gold Heart Earrings

Small, simple, and gold. Those are three things earholes are always happy to hear.

Gold Heart Earrings, $16, EandEProject/Etsy

Heart Cutting Board

Cute and super functional. This reads “I love you as much as I love cutting up cheese and eating it with you”… right?

Heart Cutting Board, $24, Urban Outfitters

Two Hearts Soap Set

There’s something about these delicate soaps that is just so charming.

Two Hearts Soap Set, $12.83, CleanseWithBenefits/Etsy

Heart Bottle Stopper

Make her think of you every time she uncorks the bottle.

Heart Bottle Stopper, $4.95, Crate&Barrel

Giant Heart Confetti Lollipop

It’s sugary sweet and filled with edible confetti. Done.

Giant Heart Confetti Lollipop, $5.49, Chasing Fireflies

Heart Bamboo

It’s very hard to kill bamboo, which means a heart-shaped stalk makes a great gift even if she doesn’t have the greenest of thumbs.

Heart Bamboo, $29.99, ProFlowers

Heart-Shaped Red Tealight Candles

Give her something to relax with, like these little heart-shaped tealight candles that will perfectly accompany her bath.

Heart-Shaped Red Tealight Candles, $2.99, Lightinthebox

Concrete Candy Heart Magnets

These are the cutest magnets ever. Just be sure she doesn’t try to eat them.

Concrete Candy Heart Magnets, $21.20, ENCAVE/Etsy

Ceramic Black Heart Pendant

This delicate necklace may be small, but it says so much. Handmade with black Spanish clay and a pure gold embellishment, it has just the right aesthetic to leave her feeling loved.

Ceramic Black Heart Pendant, $34, HadasShallom/Etsy

Heart Pillow Case

Everyone needs something to cuddle with at night.

Heart Pillow Case, $45, DzintrasPatchworkArt/Etsy