Tom Hiddleston's Philanthropy Is Inspiring

It seems like everyone and their mothers love Tom Hiddleston, and with good reason: The British actor is super good-looking, immensely talented, and, on top of that, he's actually a nice guy too. Hello, whole package? Adding to his list of amazing attributes, however, is his most important quality of all: In addition to being pretty much completely amazing, Hiddleston also donates much of his time to promoting charitable endeavors. He doesn't just give out his name or donate money, either — he really puts his time into helping others. Case-in-point: Earlier this week, Hiddleston just participated in the Sohana Fund's Tongue Twister challenge, which — similar to the ALS ice challenge — included producing a video to raise awareness for the little-known ailment, Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (members of Coldplay, as well as Emma Watson, have also participated in this charitable challenge).

It's a serious condition that's an important cause to raise money for: As the Sohana Fund's website explains, the ailment is defined as "a group of inherited conditions where the skin, or mucous membranes (the lining of the mouth, gut, or eyes, for example), blister with only mild trauma, friction or even spontaneously."

Not only was the video a great watch for Hiddleston fans, but it's amazing to see him using his stardom to raise awareness and money to help people. This wasn't Hiddleston's only contribution to a charitable cause, however: Hiddleson's affiliated with a few great organizations, including but not limited to:

Sohana Fund's Tongue Twister Challenge

Check out Tom Hiddleston's tongue twister video that he shot for the Sohana's Fund Tongue Twister Challenge. Cute, funny, and charitable — this is something everyone should try to do to spread awareness and help out.


Tom Hiddleston is listed as a "High Profile Supporter" on the official UNICEF website: Amongst his various endeavors for the organication, Hiddleston has previously been involved in a trip to Guinea in West Africa to meet with communities to learn about their support from UNICEF. Additionally, he participated in visits for several projects working on education, child protection, hunger and malnutrition, and water and sanitation. Hiddleston has also written a series of posts for UNICEF's UK blog.

Small Steps Project

Hiddleston has donated shoes to be auctioned off for the Small Steps Project since 2013. The Small Steps Project works in two phases: In the first phase, it provides items in an emergency aid distribution such as shoes, gloves, clothing, water, food, and mosquito nets, and, in the second phase, it aims to create projects that "reduce the time children spend on dumps and support them in taking small steps into education."