14 Grammy Party Snacks That Are Total Show Stoppers And Will Make Hearts Sing

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The 57th annual Grammy Awards are just hours away, and you are probably putting the finishing touches on your Grammy party. This is not just another awards show that will run too long and will be filled with an even mix of solid and awkward timely references. The Grammys are about the best music has to offer. Performances by our favorite artists will be jam packed with amazing surprises, impressive duets, and crazy sexy cool outfits. Minds will be blown, and we will all end up in a Grammy dance party by the end of the night.

So to make sure you are giving this kick-ass awards show proper cred, you need to serve the classiest snacks and drinks you can find. Here are 14 recipes that will make your guests' little music-loving hearts sing.

Image: The Kitchn

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