Cosby's Boston Show Cancelled Due To... Weather?

Bill Cosby was supposed to stop at the Wilbur Theatre as part of his comedy tour on Sunday night. But on Sunday morning, the Wilbur cancelled the show, citing the snowstorm that has been plaguing Bostonians all day as the reason for the cancellation. Cosby said in a statement:

“I have decided to cancel for your travel safety. No need to worry, I will be back soon to raise the roof with laughter.”

Cosby and The Wilbur are clear that the cancellation is due to weather concerns, rather than the planned protests of the event. Cosby spokesperson Andrew Wyatt said that the cancellation was entirely unrelated to the protests, and they are working to reschedule the show.

He also claimed to have no knowledge of the Facebook event planning the protest. The event had hundreds of planned attendees, and it's still happening on Sunday. The new description for the protest reads:

Please note that despite Cosby's cancellation of tonight's shows, we will STILL be gathering at 6:30 PM outside of The Wilbur in a show of SOLIDARITY with survivors who have come forward and those who have not, against Bill Cosby, his war against women and rape culture at large. With over 30 survivors, countless interviews & articles written, this is not a conspiracy against him or his legacy, this is an uprising of truth. Because it has taken over thirty years for these stories to be considered valid, their voices and message will not be silenced. Join us in amplifying the voices of survivors; calling on The Wilbur to commit to NOT rescheduling Mr. Cosby; and calling on Cosby to STOP PERFORMING and to STAND TRIAL in court with survivors by waiving the statue of limitations!

The Wilbur had previously ceased issuing refunds to those wishing not to attend the show in light of Cosby's protest allegations. While multiple venues have cancelled the show for the same reason, the Wilbur has defended its decision. In Denver, Cosby's show was protested by dozens of women, and the Boston protestors were hoping to top that number. Meanwhile, Cosby has retained his cheery and paternal presence, either ignoring or making jokes about the allegations.

Is the event's cancellation entirely unrelated to the protests, and will they actually reschedule? It seems like this is a good way for The Wilbur to avoid angering both protestors and Bill Cosby's people. In the meantime, the Boston protestors have a snowy night ahead of them.