Knitwear Is The Trend We All Needed — So Here Are 15 Pieces That Will Help You Embrace It

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Today in "The Stuff Of My Wildest Dreams," knitwear was definitely a trend. Yes, I sure am talking about sweaters. And yes, perhaps I am also refraining from making a very "dad" joke about "sweaters being so hot right now." So you're welcome for that.

Jokes aside, knitwear's big moment isn't just a good sign for your comfort and sense of practicality — designers are saying that it's a move in a positive direction for fashion as a greater entity. “It’s become less about trends or fast fashion and more about seeking out those perfect investment pieces that really work for the way we live. Knitwear is a key part of that. Like an amazing white shirt, it has become a foundation piece that holds an outfit together," says designer Buffy Reid to Fashionista.

So by now you're all, "Comfort? Style? Building a solid wardrobe? Sign me up!" And I hear you. I've rounded up 15 pieces of knitwear for every budget and everybody so you can get yourself in some cozy basics, STAT.

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