Proof Adele's New Album Is Going To Be Just As Amazing as '21' and '19'

It probably goes without saying that the appropriate response to the news that Adele is making a new album goes like this: "!!!! [Happy Tears Emoji] [Twinkling Heart Emoji] !!!!" And yes, eight exclamation points are completely necessary. Do you know how difficult it is to express the sheer joy of that statement? Adele is a goddess among women, and we all know this.

But wait, there's more. Ryan Tedder, frontman of One Republic and songwriter/producer extraordinaire was the first to confirm news of Adele's new album — ahem, I mean "impending masterpiece" — to the Herald Sun, which adds at least three exclamation points and a Santa Emoji to my previous expression of pure, unadulterated joy. This is musical Christmas, everyone.

Tedder is widely known for crooning the easy-listening classics like "Apologize" and "Stop and Stare" (you definitely know those songs if you've ever shopped at a grocery store or picked up a prescription at Walgreens), but his true masterpieces are the world he's done with other artists, including such musical mavens as Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Lopez, and oh yes, Adele. This man knows his way around a powerful pop song.

Adding Tedder into the mix on Adele's highly-anticipated (in that Adele fans — a.k.a. humans with functioning ears — are always anticipating more Adele) new album and you've got the music equivalent of a dark chocolate and Pinot Noir.

In case you're still caught up on the One Republic connection, feast your ears on these mega-hits — all of which have received Tedder's magic touch:


Whether or not you love this song (it can be a little polarizing), you have to admit it's a perfectly-composed pop ballad... and it was co-written and produced by Tedder. But something tells me you'll need more proof.

leonalewisVEVO on YouTube


Jordin Sparks' mega hit would never have reached its full potential without Tedder's assist. He co-wrote the song and co-produced it with The Runaways.

JordinSparksVEVO on YouTube


This unstoppable anthem is, without a doubt, a Beyonce classic and while Bey helped pen the song, at least a third of the writing credit goes to none other than Ryan Tedder.

beyonceVEVO on YouTube


Besides composing the intro and writing the first few lines of Adele's devastatingly beautiful ballad "Turning Tables," Tedder proved he had an upbeat pop anthem under his belt as well. He and Adele teamed up to bring us one of Adele's numerous "Songs of 2012": "Rumor Has It." And if this doesn't convince you that he and Adele are going to pull out another beautiful collaboration, you might just want to get your ears checked.

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