9 Girl Scout Cookie Recipes That Will Make Your Thin Mints And Tagalongs Even More Of A Treat

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Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs, oh my — it's officially Girl Scout Cookie season, and time to buy a box (or 10) of your favorite seasonal treats. Like how scouts can earn merit badges from selling cookies, I'd like to think cookie-eaters like me can earn some achievements, too. There's the "Stuffing Your Face With a Whole Box All in One Sitting" badge. Or how about the "Eating Girl Scout Cookies for Dinner" achievement? I usually unlock that one unintentionally on the first night I receive my precious boxes. Then, there's "Incorporating the Cookies into Everything You Eat" — like taking those minty chocolate cookies and raising them to a whole other dessert level.

If there's anything I've learned, anything is possible with Girl Scout cookies. Here are nine insanely good recipes that prove just that. Get ready to dig in.

Image: My Baking Addiction

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