Topher Grace & Sarah Silverman Will Make You Care About New Jersey in New HBO Series

Guys, it's happening: Topher Grace might be returning to television. This is a monumental occasion, so get excited. That 70's Show ended in 2006, and ever since, we've only been getting small doses of him in supporting roles, small films, and red carpet appearances. Well, not anymore. At least, we hope.

Deadline recently announced HBO has tapped Grace to star in a comedy series called People in New Jersey, which will focus on a tight-knit family in present-day New Jersey. We know what you're thinking, who cares about New Jersey? Apparently HBO and Topher Grace. Oh, and also Sarah Silverman, Paul Feig, and Lorne Michaels. All three of these comedy rockstars are in some way associated with the series, with Feig confirmed as directing and Michaels as executive producing.So here's an overview of People in New Jersey. Grace and Silverman may play Carl and Melanie Levin, two single adult siblings with an overbearing mother (possibly the legendary Patti LuPone) focusing on their New Jersey-centric lives. With Paul Feig at the helm, we know this series is going to feature major laughs, but most likely, even more heart. Honestly, can you think of a better dramedy than Freaks and Geeks? Don't answer that — you know we're right.

Whatever happens with People in New Jersey, we hope it involves Topher Grace. We miss Eric Foreman, and we always thought he deserved a better life than that dufus, Michael Kelso.