'Lucky 7' Not So Lucky, Is First Cancellation of Fall TV Season

I wonder if producers are regretting their decision to use the word "lucky" in the title of this show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC's new drama, Lucky 7 , is the first series of the fall TV season to be axed — after just two episodes, no less. In its timeslot, the network will air reruns of their actually very successful series, Scandal. Ouch.

If you've never heard of Lucky 7, don't worry, you're not alone — I myself wouldn't have known anything about this show's existence if I didn't just Google it now. Apparently, it was about a group of seven employees at a Queens gas station who win the lottery, and split their winnings seven ways. Get it? The show is called Lucky 7, because they're seven employees who got lucky! Ha-ha, what a cute little joke.

For the record, it's based off of a (successful and still on-air) British series called The Syndicate, which follows five supermarket employees who win the lottery. I guess Lucky 5 didn't sound as appealing.

Anyway, the writing sucked, as US remakes of British shows often do (remember Coupled? Because I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT TRAVESTY), and ratings for the second episode were a historically low 0.7 — despite Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. being the lead-in show. After that, the show was swiftly axed.

Sorry to anyone who actually liked Lucky 7, though, really. All two of you.