11 Pop Stars & Their Valentine's Day Chocolate Pairings, Because Katy Perry Is Definitely Cherry Nougat

To borrow the words of Forrest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get!" To complete the quote as I see fit, pop stars are just like Valentine's Day chocolates. They're polarizing, sweet, fun to indulge in, and they say a whole lot about the people who enjoy them.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I'm taking time to ponder which Valentine's Day chocolate best represents your favorite pop star, 'cause we all know that Beyoncé is supreme coconut, Nicki Minaj is a bittersweet truffle, and Katy Perry is the gross cherry nougat flavor that's always too sweet to finish.

Image: Getty Images; Russell Stover

by Arielle Dachille

Taylor Swift — Milk Chocolate Vanilla Butter Cream

Because of Swift’s crossover appeal from country to pop and generally every other demographic in between, she would be a milk chocolate vanilla butter cream. Some people SWEAR by them. Others will take it if nothing better is around.

Image: Getty Images; Russell Stover

Sam Smith — Toffee Sticks

With his smooth-as-butter voice, Sam Smith is clearly a butter toffee stick. Also, he’s British, and the Brits love their toffee.

Image: Getty Images; Copper Strawberry

Rihanna — Dark Chocolate Coconut Cluster

Rihanna has a bit of a satisfying bite, so I would assign her spirit chocolate as dark chocolate coconut cluster. Plus, she had that VitaCoco endorsement a few years back, so there you go!

Image: Getty Images; Russell Stover

Katy Perry — Milk Chocolate Cherry Nougat

To me, Katy Perry is a cherry nougat. She favors pastel colors, and it’s hard for me to sample her in any way without putting her back in the box.

Image: Getty Images; Russell Stover

Miley Cyrus — Cherry Cordial

Miley is most definitely a cherry cordial, because her blood is probably about 60 percent liqueur. Not to mention, the runny red inside is reminiscent of her constantly stuck-out tongue.

Image: Getty Images; Candy Warehouse

Ariana Grande —Milk Chocolate Wisp

Because she has a light, ultra-sweet sound, Ariana Grande is a milk chocolate wisp. Even if it’s not your favorite chocolate, it’s still better than not eating chocolate at all.

Image: Getty Images; Russell Stover

Beyoncé — Coconut Creams

Queen Bey is coconut cream, hands down. Diehards get SUPER excited when they serendipitously pick one out of the box, just like super-fans are pretty much always wishing that her music will play on shuffle. In the event that someone admits to not liking coconut in their presence, the coconut/ Beyoncé lover will become wildly offended and most likely cut off all contact with the hater.

Image: Getty Images; Russell Stover

Lorde — Maple Nut Cream

Just like a maple nut cream fulfills the alternative chocolate role in the Russell Stover box, Lorde may not seem all that obvious in the mainstream pop scheme. Just as these funky chocolates are in the scheme of V-Day candy, she’s a nice, welcome surprise.

Image: Getty Images; Russell Stover

Nicki Minaj — Dark Chocolate Cake Truffle

The bittersweet chocolate factor may be a LITTLE bit intense for some people, but the folks who love dark chocolate/Nicki Minaj are ride-or-die devotees.

Image: Getty Images; Russell Stover

Lady Gaga — Milk Chocolate Caramel Butter Cream

Caramel is the type of flavor you go through phases of enjoying, and being kind of lukewarm on — kinda like the Gags herself. When she’s good, she’s GREAT. When she isn’t, she’s kind of hard to chew and even harder to swallow. (Just humor me with that metaphor there.)

Image: Getty Images; Russell Stover

Iggy Azalea — White Chocolate Vanilla Cake Truffle

Not to be obvious, but I’m calling Iggy a white chocolate vanilla cake truffle. After all, she’s a polarizing flavor that some are super into, but others see as a total chocolate poseur.

Image: Getty Images; Russell Stover