How To Repair Your Skin After Sleeping In Makeup

A random woman once told me that every time you sleep in your makeup, your face ages five years. This is a straight up lie, clearly, but I still remember it because I found the thought so off-putting. I'm sure most of us have been known to go out, drink a bit too much, maybe dance on a table or two, and crash without taking our makeup off as a result of the aforementioned activities (or, I don't know, maybe you just fell asleep reading). But don't fret darlings: This does not mean our faces are doomed to resemble the crypt keeper when we're older.

My skin maybe feels like sand paper right now because I possibly got a tad too turnt (alliteration is fun) last night whilst celebrating a friend's 21st birthday. Now I have to take care of my visage so that my skin gets the nutrients and moisture it desperately needs after sleeping with face full of pore-clogging chemicals on it. I might just want to stay in bed for 24 hours, but before I cuddle up and sleep the day away, I need to get down to skin business and make up for sleeping in my makeup last night. Here is my simple five step guide to skincare post-neglecting-to-wash-your-face.

1. Take Off Your Makeup

Bioderma Crealine H2o Ultra-Mild Non-Rinse Face and Eyes Cleanser, $16, Amazon

Take it all off! My foolproof go-to makeup remover is Bioderma Crealine. I've been using this magic water for a couple of years now and my skin has never been the same; it truly is remarkable. All you need to do is take a cotton round and drench it in this stuff and you are good to go. It will remove all your makeup without being at all harsh — ideal if you have sensitive skin.

2. Exfoliate

Clinique Exfoliating Scrub, $20, Sephora

After sleeping in makeup that is often packed with harsh chemicals and irritants, it is essential that you exfoliate off all the extra dirt, grime and dead skin that accumulated overnight (cue Raven Symone saying "nasty"). Using a gentile exfoliator with soothing ingredients to calm inflammation will leave you with a clean slate that's ready for more TLC.

3. Try A Face Mask

Sephora Collection Rose Mask, $6, Sephora

You can really use any face mask, but I am personally partial to sheet masking. I'm sure you've seen women sporting white sheets that resemble ski masks on some form of social media. While they may look a bit comical and somewhat frightening to the foreign eye, these babies are some next level shit. They have been known to produce the same results as an expensive spa facial would in under 20 minutes. I suggest you do this step while taking a bath.

4. Use A Serum

Skin Inc. Licorice Serum Relieve, $45, Sephora

After you use a hydrating, skin restoring mask, it's serum time, people. A facial serum penetrates deeply into your skin to moisturize and calm any redness or irritation that may have occurred from not washing your face. It will help to relieve your skin from any damage that may have been done overnight.

5. Last Stop — Moisturize!

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, $30, Sephora

The most important thing you can do for your skin after sleeping in your makeup is to moisturize, moisture, moisturize! Replenishing moisture in your skin and adding back vital nutrients is the final step in caring for your skin after a night of misbehaving.

Cheers to more mornings like these! Or, you know, less evenings of sleeping with a full face of goop on.

Images: Flikr/Beata Rydén; Courtesy Brands