Marnie The Dog's Best Celebrity Encounters: A Rescue Dog's Rise to Fame

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Almost 10 years ago, Marnie was found by Animal Control in Connecticut, matted, smelly and without a home. From there she was moved to a shelter and given the nickname Stinky. Eventually after 4 months, she was adopted by her current owner, Shirley and renamed Marnie after the musician Marnie Stern. She was cleaned up and given a new home in NYC. After an adorable video of the pup walking through the aisles of a grocery store hit YouTube, people fell in love with her hanging tongue that would put even Miley Cyrus to shame. Since her viral video, Marnie has become the most popular dog on Instagram who was adopted as a senior. Not only is she super adorable, but she has also met numerous celebs along the way. Check out Marnie's best celeb photos!

Image: Instagram/@marniethedog

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