16 Times Kylie Looked Exactly Like Kim

All the Kardashian sisters (Jenners obviously included) have their own unique style. I have total faith that you could tell flat lays of a Kim outfit from a Kendall outfit instantly. Still, there are definitely some connective tissues between them: body con fits, strappy heels, cleavage showing... that sort of thing. I mean, they are all related via Kris K, so it's logical that they'd have a similar style sensibility. In fact, Kylie Jenner looks exactly like Kim Kardashian pretty frequently — and definitely more so than any of the other sisters. Jenner is the youngest sibling in the family while Kim is the second born and most famous of the whole crew, but they could be twinsies (at least style-wise).

While Kylie has shown herself to be the black sheep of the Kardashian fashion clan, allowing her youth and rebelliousness to inform her fashion choices, she certainly shares Kimmy's penchant for adventure when it comes to her closet.

There have been times where Kylie's resemblance to Kim has been uncanny and almost unsettling. Yes, they are related, so, duh, they're bound to look alike. Still, even at times when Kylie is basically a mini Kim, she always retains her signature Kylie-ness. But for Kim, it must be like looking in a mirror and being transported to her teens.

Uncanny, isn't it? Is that Kim or Kylie? It could be either, right? (It's Kylie — the nails are a dead giveaway.)

Here are 16 other times that Kylie Jenner looked exactly like Kim Kardashian.

1. Bombshell

With her pitch black extensions and poppin' cleavage, this was Kylie at her most Kim-like.

2. Kurves

Thanks to this clingy, square-shouldered white frock, which hugged every curve, Jenner kribbed liberally from Kim's fashion playbook.

3. Better Archery Skills Than Katniss Everdeen

With that flawlessly arched brow, Kylie demonstrated better archery skills than Katniss Everdeen and was Kim's doppelganger.

4. Eye Do

Kylie and Kim have identical eyes... don't you feel like those are Kim's eyes in Kylie's head?

5. Lashing Out

Another way that Kim and Kylie are super similar? Oh, just their amazing lashes.

6. Glamsual

Kylie's glamsual look reminded us of Kim — contoured, fully made up, and in love with taking selfies.

7. Kim's Mini-Me

Sisters or mother and daughter? Sorry, Kris!

8. Long Hair, Don't Care

Despite the daggers and the pouty lips, which are not Kim signatures, Kylie channeled her sister with her long, lush, and midnight black locks.

9. Selfie Queen

Kim loves selfies. Kylie does, too. The hair and brows were totally Kim-like.

10. Is This Kim at 17?

Is this a #TBT of Kim at 17? Nope, it's Kylie.

11. Doe Eyes

When pictured with her big sis Kendall (and their dad, Bruce Jenner), the resemblance between Kim and Kylie is even more obvious.

12. Bedroom Eyes

Here's Kylie giving off Kim's bedroom-eyed stare.

13. Throwing Shade

Is that Kim hiding behind those shades? Nope, but it sure looks like it.

14. More Bombshell Kylie

Kylie is 17, but she is a bomb to the shell. Like you-know-who.

15. Smoke Out

Kylie Jenner shared Kim's penchant for smoky eyes, albeit a sunset, shimmery smoky eye, and for contouring.

16. Yep, Twinsies!


Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (17)