Is Elijah Dead On 'The Originals?'

I know, you're incredibly worried and concerned — so worried and concerned that you might not even sleep tonight because Elijah Mikaelson's fate is that important to you. After Hayley assured Jackson that Elijah would keep Hope safe no matter what, Elijah took on Finn and things ended in a fiery mess. Literally. On Monday night's The Originals , "The Devil Is Damned," Elijah might have died to protect Hope from Finn's maniacal plans. But don't start mourning this Original sibling just yet.

Here's the deal, my fellow, astute Originals fans — very few things can kill and Original vampire. And, though he might still be dealing the after-effects of Esther torturing him, Elijah is still an Original. Which means, obviously, that fire can't kill him because the only thing that can really kill an Original is the White Oak stake. So, Elijah may have put himself in some serious danger and harm to protect Hope from Finn, but he's certainly not dead. I mean, he can't be.

First of all, there's plenty of storyline life for Elijah in The Originals Season 2 and second, what about Hayley? It's so obvious that, while Hayley's seen the merit of their union, her marriage to Jackson just won't last. It'll drive too much of a wedge between her and her baby's life because Hayley obviously can't bring Hope safely to the Bayou. And that's where Elijah comes in — their romance is a part of Hayley's real life now and she can only ignore it for so long before they're back on.

Most importantly, however, the episode put an emphasis on Elijah taking off his daylight ring before the explosion that consumed the Mikaelson plantation house. Which means that it's entirely possible that Elijah slipped his ring back on and left the fire unscathed because, while he's still an Original vampire, Finn is technically a human with witch powers. We may have seen the last of Finn Mikaelson in the French Quarter, but there's no way that fire killed off Elijah. We know too much about Original vampires to believe that. But, let me just say, good riddance, Finn, we hardly knew nor liked you.

Image: Bob Mahoney/The CW