Rita Ora's Adidas Collection Is For Super Heroines

Since she'll make her film debut this weekend as Mia Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, Rita Ora continues to be front and center. The singer's music career actually is a bit of an afterthought, like a passenger in the back seat of the car, while fashion and film ride shotgun. Now, Rita Ora's comic book-inspired Adidas Super collection for Spring/Summer 2015 is here and it will inspire your inner super heroine, thanks to its bold, custom prints and that killer pop art vibe. Wonder Woman is certainly one of the main sources of inspo for this loud, graphic, and comfy set. Boom! Kapow! Wham!

The Super Collection offers Ora's distinct take on athleisure and urban-influenced sportswear, complete with custom Technicolor prints. It's graphic novel and pop art-esque at once and while it's a lot to process, the pieces are insanely wearable. There's nothing muted or quiet about this collection. It's obviously not for those who, uh, prefer monochromatic ensembles!

Look closely and you'll see that the graphics actually take their inspo from Ora herself. Ora is known for her scarlet lips, her often cat-like eyes, and her platinum locks, and all of those elements factor into the prints! So she truly is woven into the fabric of the Super Collection.

There are cropped tees, turnt up hoodies, covetable sneakers, hats, visors, a onesie of sorts, super shorts, and puffy pants. Ora's street style is always head-turning and she has managed to distill that into this Adidas range. Here are the best looks and pieces in the collection.

1. So '80s

From the shorts to the socks, this look is delightfully '80s.

2. A Tip of the Cap

All the key trends are here: high-waisted tights, a cropped top, and a tipped cap.

3. The Tracksuit Redefined

I never liked those velour Juicy tracksuits favored by the Hilton sisters. This? I lurve.

4. Pumped Up Kicks

Ora's sneaker pimp-ness is manifested in these kicks.

5. Kickin' It

These are the perfect shoes to wear when kickin' butt, superhero style.

6. Options

Adidas is perhaps best known for its shoes and Ora's range has options, yo!

7. Eye Spy

Do you see Rita Ora's eye in this jacket?

8. Skully

Ora changes her hair on a weekly basis but that doesn't stop her from throwing on a knit skully and going.

9. The Eyes Have It... Again

Who needs eyes in the back of your head when you can have them in front on a cap?

10. This Is So Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman had her gold cuffs. Ora's collection has its gold visor.

11. Cropped

This cute, cropped tee could go with jeans, leggings, a mini, whatever.

12. Keep Ya Hood Up

Hoodies are the key streetwear and athleisure items. Not many are as cute as this version.

13. Onesie!

This is how Rita Ora does a onesie—with a bustier! Swoon!

Images: Adidas (14)