The Spring Fashion Trends You Should Splurge On In 2015, Based On The Celeb Wardrobe You'd Wanna Jack

There's no reason to start your wardrobe from scratch every time the weather changes, but I'm a huge believer in splurging on just one item each season. Not only is it a great way to welcome a new fashion season, but it's oddly empowering. I worked hard to make that money and I am spending it on something I want and can afford to purchase.

So, when one season is on the way out, I start to look through designer's websites, searching for the perfect splurge-worthy item. Thankfully, red carpet moments and blogger Instagrams help me make this decision, or I'd be completely overwhelmed. Celebrities tend to get access to the clothes straight off the runway, too, so style stalking Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, or whoever's outfits you typically drool over can help you narrow down which trends you'll actuallylike.

To make this even easier for spring 2015, I've paired seven celebrity style icons with a splurge worthy item that fits their (and, hopefully, your) general vibe. Click through with every intention to shop.

Sophisted-Fun like Taylor Swift

With the release of Red and 1989, Swift has officially moved both her music and her style in a more sophisticated direction. Still, she keeps things ~totally Taylor~ with floral prints and girly, vintage-inspired


Sponge Crepe Scallop Dress by Kate Spade Saturday

I can definitely see Taylor Swift leaving the gym in this dress. Pair with heeled sandals for a summer wedding or with Vans for a nice night out with friends.

Sponge Crepe Scallop Dress, $348,

B.A. like Rihanna

They don’t call her “Bad Girl Ri-Ri” for nothing. Rihanna takes goth glam to a whole new level. And she does it so well.


Workwear Oversized Cargo Pant by Alexander Wang

Despite how these Rihanna-esque joggers look, they’re not leather. I, for one, am incredibly happy that fancy sweatpants are still a thing.

Workwear Oversized Cargo Pant, $695,

Chill Like Sarah Hyland

Even if she’s on the red carpet, Sarah Hyland has a pretty chill vibe. She’s the definition of natural beauty and pulls off simple styles with flair.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Naked Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay

We all know you’ve been tempted by it for years. Now is the time to bite the bullet and buy the eyeshadow palette what may change your life. Create Hyland’s perfectly-smoked eyes with every neutral shade imaginable.

Naked Eyeshadow Palette, $54,

Sultry like Sofia Vergara

Although her engagement to Joe Manganiello took her off the market, she’s still the sexiest woman in Hollywood. The Modern Family star never has to flaunt her beauty, but pulls off a modest-sexy style effortlessly.


Softest Lace Bralette

The price tag of this bralette is less of a splurge and more of an excuse to finally buy a bra worthy of being seen. Thanks to the thick, lacy straps, you don’t have to worry about showing bra straps in public.

Aeria Softest Lace Bralette, $19.95,

Eclectic like Katy Perry

It’s not just her hair color that changes on the regular: Katy Perry can go from glam to dressed-like-a-cupcake in the blink of an eye.


Wrapped Up Gold Fox Necklace by Betsey Johnson

I know you’ve been looking at animal necklaces ever since Naomi Watts wore a snake necklace at the SAG Awards. A statement jewel is the perfect way to stand out in a way that’s less drastic than, say, dyeing your hair green.

Wrapped Up Gold Fox Necklace, $95,

Quirky like Zooey Deschanel

She’s cute and adorable and fun. From plastic glasses to collars on dresses, her style is every quirky girl’s dream.


Flock of the Draw Dress by Modcloth

Even though it doesn’t have colors, the print, the buttons and the overall architecture of the dress has New Girl written all over it.

Flock of the Draw Dress, $71.99,

Royalty like Paris Hilton

When Paris Hilton cleaned out her closet, I was reminded how much she loves dressing like a princess. Though she may not be in the spotlight as much as during her Simple Life days, anyone with a penchant for super-feminine pieces can certainly still count her as a style inspiration.

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Rosita Sparkled Headband by Anthropologie

Bring out your inner princess with this subtle, sparkly headband. On those rainy spring days, pair this with your rain boots.

Rosita Sparkled Headband, $198,

Goth Glam like Lorde

Ugh, if only we could all be as cool as Lorde.


Écriture de Chanel

Get those perfectly bold, winged eyes with some Chanel liquid liner. Sure, $35 is a lot to drop on one pen, but the smooth application will be totally worth it.

Écriture de Chanel, $35,