The Spring Fashion Trends You Should Splurge On In 2015, Based On The Celeb Wardrobe You'd Wanna Jack

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There's no reason to start your wardrobe from scratch every time the weather changes, but I'm a huge believer in splurging on just one item each season. Not only is it a great way to welcome a new fashion season, but it's oddly empowering. I worked hard to make that money and I am spending it on something I want and can afford to purchase.

So, when one season is on the way out, I start to look through designer's websites, searching for the perfect splurge-worthy item. Thankfully, red carpet moments and blogger Instagrams help me make this decision, or I'd be completely overwhelmed. Celebrities tend to get access to the clothes straight off the runway, too, so style stalking Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, or whoever's outfits you typically drool over can help you narrow down which trends you'll actuallylike.

To make this even easier for spring 2015, I've paired seven celebrity style icons with a splurge worthy item that fits their (and, hopefully, your) general vibe. Click through with every intention to shop.

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